Breast needle piercing

breast needles

Are you ready for arguably THE MOST hardcore bondage and torture site online? Tune in and see all these horny women just go through pleasurable agony as their master sticks hot needles around their cute, yet to be ravaged pussies and even at times inside their mountiful tits? It’s pretty hardcore. Some might not wanna even try to look at it, but you can, right?

Can you imagine what’s going through the minds of these women just before they feel the agony of the needles in their bodies? The anticipation, the surprise of when they feel their skin having something searing and painful slowly put inside? It can get pretty intense, so why not at least try and take a peak and see what these women are indulging in right now? No need to sign up, just click n’ look. Venture onwards and witness beautiful women at the mercy of those calling the shots and giving them an interesting taste in both pleasure and pain.

It’s only a click away. You have to be able to handle hardcore content though. Not some simple tie up and tickle party here. You need to be able to handle blood since that’s what you’re gonna see right next to all those tits and slits being poked by needles!

She cries from pain. Watch the video HERE

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Feet and Needles

foot needles

What makes a submissive bitch think that any single part of their body is off limits. “Oh, don’t touch my feet, you can’t do that to my fingers, don’t you go after my pussy.” They seem to think that they make the demands, and even when they are playing with such sick twisted fucks as their tops, they can somehow control the scenes. Some tops delight in making those picky little subs regret their demands, by focusing on those little things they hate.

The two most common phobias and dislikes among particularly demanding little subs is, no needles, and don’t you dare do anything to my feet. This time though this little subby girl found herself in a predicament with a true sadist who just loved to focus on anything that his bottom hates, and make them endure exactly that treatment as he works them over. So what’s better then needles through the foot? In this case, it is electrified needles through the feet, as he makes this bottom suffer from some of her worst fears and the most intense pain.

See more foot and nipple needles HERE

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Piercing Pain


This lady told her husband to shut up, so now he’s going to punish her. When she gets home from work, she had no idea he was waiting for her. He ties her to a chair and rips open her button-down shirt. He looks at her nice rack and then pulls off her bra. He tickles and torture a bit before reaching into his bag and pulling out a pair of cold metal nipple vices. He pulls her nipples out and squeezes them, sending pain into her body, but this is a pain that she enjoys. Then he pulls her nips through the vice and screws it tight. The end of her nipple turns purple. After putting on the second nipple vice, he pierces her nipples with long needles. Then he pierces them again, and again. But this bitch hardly finches. She takes her punishment like a pro. You’ve got to see what else happens.

CLICK HERE to see her punishment!

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Pierced and Tortured Nips

There are some sluts that love to be tortured, poked, pinched, and bound and this MILF is one of them. This old brown-haired bitch was crying for some attention, and now she’s getting what she deserves. Her master woke her up in the middle of the night, when she least expected it. Then, he ripped off her top and her tits were flapping in the breeze. The old bastard is super horny and the only way to satisfy him is to inflict pain on his submissive bitch.

He starts out by blindfolding her and tying her to a chair. Then he takes metal clips and clamps down on her nipples, pulling them out as far as possible. She moans due to a pleasurable pain. Her master is already working on his next punishment, which is to pierce her nipples with needles, sending pricking pain to this sensitive place. He then ties the needles in each of her tits together, pulling them to add to the pain. He also sticks a needle in that soft spot underneath her boobs. The master ends the session by sending jolts of electricity directly to her nipples, stimulating her whole body and bringing both her and him to orgasm.

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Foot and Tit Needle play

needles in feet

They say you can get to every part of the body through nerves in the feet. That means if you know what you are doing, you can torture anyone, just by putting certain kinds of stimulation on different parts of the feet. If you’re particularly mean, you will find the things that will drive your little painslut nuts with the least amount of effort. After all, why exert yourself too hard when you just want to see your little painslut begging, crying and pleading for your mercy?

This particular little girl thought that she could use some nice ‘acupuncture’ to relieve her stress. She’s a real needle slut, but little did she know that she was about to get her feet stuck all over. I don’t think this is the kind of release she expected, especially once she was bound to the bed and the needles started going into her nipples and the tips of her toes. The whimpering started fairly quickly after that, and only got better when the top tied the needles together from top to bottom. Next time this little painslut might think a bit better about what kind of requests she makes of her top.

See where else her master ‘plays’ with her HERE

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Asian Slave Girl Gets Pussy Pierced

needle fetish

This Asian submissive slave goes through all forms of intense BDSM before her
limit is reached. The girl is first humiliated by being stripped down and
having her tits decorated with hot wax treatment. The kinky humiliation gets
even more intimate with a speculum abusing her tight Asian pussy. Then this
little bitch gets an extreme dose of needle torture
as six sharp needles pierce
into the flesh right above her juicy pussy lips. The pain of the needle fetish
mixes with pleasure when the master rewards his slave with a forced orgasm.

Enter here for kinky needle play!

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Pierced Slave Laced Up Like Corset

needle bdsm

Here is one of the most beautiful painful needle torture sessions you will ever
The slave is a plump milf with juicy big breasts. She is completely
submissive as her master pierces through her white flesh even though she is in
such intense pain that her fingers dig into the chair. Then the master threads
a string through the needles and laces up those tortured tits like a corset.
The needle tit torture gets even worse when the master toys the slave’s puss with
a vibrator. She has to be still through it all or else the needles will tear
through her pierced flesh.

Access the kinky bdsm videos here!

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Slave Enjoying Needle Torture

needle torture

Is it still torture if the slave enjoys it? In this kinky session of needle tit
torture, a blonde submissive milf pushes her limits by enduring a full regime
of breast bondage and piercing play
. Even though the bitch grits her teeth in
pain each time the needle torture tears through her tits, she gets a look of
intense pleasure after it penetrates out the other site. The slave forgot to
ask permission to enjoy the torture so her master makes sure that she really
feels the pain when he stabs the next needles through!

Get access to kinky pain fetishes here!

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Blonde Submissive Breaking Under Tit Torture

needle fetish

It takes a true artisan to deliver needle torture properly. This is precise
BDSM and requires a submissive slave and dedicated master. In this kinky needle
tit torture video, the blonde girl obediently waits for whatever her dominant
master has in store for her. She handles the electro shock treatment and her
kinky humiliation. When those needles start piercing through her sensitive
nipples though, the blonde slave finally starts to break down under the extreme
pain. The master makes sure she gets the full effect of the needle fetish by
driving them in slowly.

Click here for full pain access!

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